Tavas Chamber of Commerce is a professional organization that is recognized as a pioneering public institution with its many members and achievements in the region.

Tavas Chamber of Commerce, with its nearly 1000 members and professional staff, regularly tries to gather information and produce solutions. In this respect, it is an institution that regulates the relationship between the business world and public administration or other non-governmental organizations.

Tavas Chamber of Commerce continues its lobbying activities for the economic and social development of Tavas and its region. As the most active non-governmental organization of Tavas, its members and society carry out educational activities for problems such as education, health and employment.

Tavas Chamber of Commerce, whose mission is determined by its own laws and has a member-centered management approach, is interested in every issue and development that we can directly or indirectly affect the economic life of our district.

Tavas Chamber of Commerce,

• Established in 1976.

• Pioneered the establishment of Pamukkale University Vocational School,

• Pamukkale University Tavas Chamber of Commerce brought the Vocational School of Health Sciences to Tavas.

• Pioneered the opening of a Customs Office in Tavas.

• He took an active role in bringing a Science High School to Tavas.

Tavas Chamber of Commerce leads and guides its members in the field of Research and Development. All documents and information required by our members are provided with electronic signature over the e-room system, apart from the commercial transactions in our office. All our members who request can take these transactions remotely and online. Registration update can also handle all payment transactions remotely.

Tavas Chamber of Commerce, which fulfills these duties, is to contribute to the solution of all kinds of problems of our country, which is the reason for its existence, as a basic principle, to open new horizons for them and to ensure their development by surviving in the market conditions integrated with the world. In addition, participation is emphasized in important decisions concerning the Chamber.

Tavas Chamber of Commerce has pioneered the provision of services in every environment that contributes to the country's economy, as in the past years, as well as the understanding of providing on time and efficient service to its members in all its activities. It is also our duty to create economic and social agendas in line with the interests of our country.

To adapt to consumer preferences, production techniques, transportation and communication opportunities, to learn It alsa helps. To create the from and adapt changes in marketing types as soon as possible, to contribute positively to the formation of policies that should be applied locally and regionally, help create the framework of our activities on a national and chamber basis to adept to conswer.